Tom Peters on Outsourcing

Tom Peters posts 16 points on outsourcing/offshoring. Points 6 and 7 are interesting.
6. Americans’ “unearned wage advantage” could be erased permanently. (“There is no job which is America’s God-given right anymore.” — Carly Fiorina, Hewlett-Packard)
7. The wholesale, upscale entry of 2.5 billion people (China, India) into the global economy at an accelerating rate is almost unfathomable.
His conclusion: we need to train many, many more creative, risk-taking entrepreneurs. That will require a massive shift in how we educate our youth. The only reliable indicator of whether you will be an entrepreneur: you are the son or daughter of an entrepreneur. If that skillset can’t be transferred more generally, most people will be left behind.
Thanks to John Robb.
I’ve lived in the west, and there’s no question, that residents in Wisconsin and the Midwest in general need to start to take some business risks, and grow more entrepreneurs (It is truly genetic, I believe).