Portland Aiport Gets Free WiFi

Nigel Ballard of Personal Telco reports that Portland International Airport will have free Wi-Fi: Ballard told an audience at a meeting of the community wireless group this evening that the Port of Portland will turn on 25 access points by Oct. 1 to offer free service at gates and check-in areas. They’re committed to covering the cost of operation for the first year, and then re-evaluating whether fees would be added. Ballard is part of the Portland Telecommunications Steering Committee, and an active community networker and commercial infrastructure builder….
The Dane County Regional Airport, unfortunately, plans to (finally!) add WiFi. However, it will be rather unfriendly – users will have to pay via credit card to use the service (Editors note: I wonder if the cost to administer the paid service will be covered by the small amount of revenue that DCRA WiFi will generate. The airport is just not that big and frankly, flight delays are likely the only time most people will sign up). Send a note to Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk if you’d like to see another approach. Albuquerque’s Sunport also takes an enlightened position: WiFi is free to all. The DCRA position makes no sense.