China Channels Monkeybrains


Too much debt got us into this mess, and too much debt will see us out of it. Socialize the risk of a new cycle of open-throttle lending and cling to the monetary system that assures a repeat crisis. Such, approximately, is the global policy-making consensus. Central bankers and finance ministers have achieved an uncommon meeting of the minds. The cure for what ails us is the hair of the dog that bit us, they prescribe, though not in exactly those words. 
It’s no small thing that China is especially enamored of the shot-and-a-beer-for-breakfast approach. Nothing about China is small or insignificant nowadays, since the Chinese economy is actually growing. It might, indeed, account for 74% of worldwide GDP growth in the three years to 2010, the International Monetary Fund estimates. Since 2005, China has generated 73% of the global growth in oil consumption and 77% of the global growth in coal consumption. By the looks of things, it accounts for a fair share of the growth in worldwide luxury-car consumption, too: