More Evidence on the Power of Gratitude

Bob Sutton:

I wrote a few months back about some intriguing research on the power of gratitude, showing that people who kept “gratitude journals,” (keeping track of the good things that happen to them and things that they appreciate in life) not only reported better physical and mental health, their partners also noticed it as well (including reports that they slept better). A new study shows that the positive effect of gratitude on signs of well-being such as mastery, relationships with others, and self-acceptance happen over and above personality factors. Similar to the study of gratitude journals, this study by Alex Wood and his colleagues suggests, that regardless of one’s personality, taking time to notice and appreciate the good things in life can help all of us. This strikes as me as an especially important finding given the difficult times.

Here is the source and the abstract for those of you who want to know more: