TSMC at the head of history’s tide: two high walls and one sharp knife

?? Chen Shuai:

In December 1989, Taipei’s cold rain was drizzling, and Samsung head Lee Kun-hee (???) went to Taiwan for a study trip. He secretly invited Morris Chang (Chinese: ???/Morris Chang[a][b][c][d]), the founder of TSMC, to have breakfast for one purpose: to poach the 58-year-old veteran.

At this time, TSMC has been silently established for two years, and it is still unknown in the industry. Its “foundry” model was not the mainstream approach of the chip field at that time, and people couldn’t understand it. In 1987 when TSMC was founded, Samsung founder Lee Byung-chul (???) passed away, and his third son, Lee Kun-hee, took charge of Samsung. As soon as he took office, he shouted the slogan “Start-up Again (????)” and made a foray into electronics and semiconductors.

Morris Chang is the talent that Lee Kun-hee badly needs. In 1983, he stepped back from the position of “third-in-command” of Texas Instruments. Although he could just enjoy the American dream of “one house, two cars, three dogs,” he was always unwilling. So two years later, when Sun Yun-suan, “Chiang Ching-kuo’s successor,” invited him to take up the post of president of the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan, Morris Chang decided to risk it and get out of his comfort zone.

Texas’ oldest Black university was built on a former plantation. Its students still fight a legacy of voter suppression.

Alexa Ura:

To this day, officials in Waller contend the litigation over the 2018 early voting schedule is not a continuation of past suppression tactics. They balk at today’s Waller County being painted with too broad a brush based on a history in which current leaders say they played no part.

Although he grew up in the region, County Judge Carbett “Trey” Duhon didn’t arrive in Waller County until 2005, when his family bought a 10-acre plot on the northern end of the county and he opened his law practice in the area.

Since taking the helm of the county in 2015, he’s come to realize how the county’s decisions today are tormented by its past. But he rejects the notion that there’s any overlap and argues county leadership has actually moved to expand access for students during his tenure.