Milwaukee Voter Fraud – more

Greg Borowski continues his investigation into Milwaukee’s November election voter address problems.

And a new Journal Sentinel review of the city’s voting records shows the system is so flawed that more than 300 people are listed as voting twice from the same address, even though each apparently was given only one ballot.
That increases the size of a gap, already at more than 8,300, between the number of ballots cast and the number of people who can be identified as voting in the presidential election, which in Wisconsin was determined by about 11,000 votes.

“Category Killers”

Brand Autopsy has an interesting discussion on category killers:

Costco has a very loyal clientele (who pay a membership fee). Costco understands the taste level of this group and caters to their wants and needs–for wine, apparel, technology, jewelry, etc. Costco communicates with those customers through an excellent monthly magazine, the Costco Connection. Because many of Costco’s customers are small business owners, the magazine (and, of course, the stores) cater to their needs and interests.

Now, Costco’s customers are also attracted by the deals. There is an implicit understanding that Costco is offering the best possible price on that particular product on that particular day. The product may not be offered tomorrow. So, if you want it, you better buy it today.

More on Milwaukee New Voter Address Problems

Greg Borowski continues on the trail of Milwaukee’s new voter address validation problems.

As a state, Wisconsin has long prided itself on the openness of its voting system. It is a place where voters don’t have to declare a party, can register right at the polls and – if they have registered in advance – get a ballot simply by stating their name and address.

But after a second straight razor-close presidential election, where some see positives in a system that makes it easy to vote, others see problems that they argue make it too easy to vote fraudulently.

More here.

Madison Broadband: Fiber to the Home in Morristown, TN

Another community making true two way broadband happen, Morristown, TN:

Morristown, Tennessee, population 24,965, is building fiber to the home. According to an article in the Knoxville News Sentinel, the city responded to a doubling of commercial cable TV rates by chartering its municipal utility to build a fiber network. Morristown’s first customers will come on line in June, 2005. The build will cost $18,000,000, or $720 per person, or $1400 per home. The article says

Milwaukee Vote: 1200+ invalid new voter addresses

Greg Borowski:

A review of Milwaukee voting records from the Nov. 2 presidential election has found more than 1,200 ballots cast from invalid addresses in the city, including many cases in which the voter could not be located at all.

The number is a result of a detailed computer analysis by the Journal Sentinel of the city’s voter records and represents about 0.4% of the 277,535 ballots cast in the city in the hard-fought election. Some of the problems may be due to flawed record keeping, such as transposed digits or incorrect street names. Many others, however, cannot easily be explained.

The newspaper’s review, the most extensive analysis done so far of the election, revealed 1,242 votes coming from a total of 1,135 invalid addresses. That is, in some cases more than one person is listed as voting from the address. Of the 1,242 voters with invalid addresses, 75% registered on site on election day, according to city records.