Mr. Heredia is a 19-year-old volunteer with NYC Mesh, a nonprofit community Wi-Fi initiative, and he was there to install a router that would bring inexpensive Wi-Fi to the building. Mr. Cambridge’s family said they had become fed up with the take-it-or-leave-it pricing for spotty service that internet providers seem to get away with in this part of Brooklyn.

No oil has been found yet around Greenland, but officials there had seen potentially vast reserves as a way to help Greenlanders realize their long-held dream of independence from Denmark by cutting the subsidy of the equivalent of about $680 million Canadian the Danish territory receives from the Danish government every year.

Scottish mountaineering charities have urged hill-walkers not to use Google Maps to guide them up the mountains after a series of incidents where routes downloaded off the internet have resulted in “injury or worse”.

GM just announced that it became the first investor in a project run by Controlled Thermal Resources. CTR will pump hot, salty water from deep below the Salton Sea and extract the lithium from it, along with clean thermo energy at the same time. Cleaner water goes back into the Salton Sea and the ground beneath it. It’s a win-win. You might even add another win in there when you consider the California Energy Commission’s estimate that the Salton Sea area could produce 600,000 tons of lithium per year, which is amazing since the entire world’s industry produced a mere 85,000 tons of lithium in all of 2019

The database ruins all good ideas

A mount of piety is an institutional pawnbroker run as a charity in Europe from Renaissance times until today. Similar institutions were established in the colonies of Catholic countries; the Mexican Nacional Monte de Piedad is still in operation.

Revealed: the true extent of America’s food monopolies, and who pays the price

When a bathroom towel restored an Indian bureaucrat’s pride

Language translation project/company list.

“Winning Is Not Uncomplicated”: Louisa Thomas on Sports

Anticapitalists then shut pipelines (except Russian ones) and suspend drilling leases in parts of Alaska, helping send oil prices above $70. The government says it wants to limit carbon emissions, but then it squashes better energy options like nuclear. On June 30, months after New York state closed the Indian Point nuclear power plant, Mayor Bill de Blasio asked New Yorkers to cut back on energy usage during a heat wave. You can’t make this stuff up.

The CDC failing to use standard operating procedures wasn’t Trump’s fault. The rot is deep.

Do Urgent Care Centers Reduce Medicare Spending?

Officials left dams full to the brim at least 3 weeks long during a rainy period and then failed to undertake a controlled release even when 150 mm of rain were forecast 4 days before the floods.

This is human credulity: the demand for nonsense, not the supply of it.

And of course the package turns out to be a 75-pound bale of cocaine. Falling out of the sky. During a CRIME WATCH MEETING.

Obama increased the tempo of attacks and would, two years later, introduce the novel element of killing American citizens. At first the strikes had been limited to “Al Qaeda and associated forces,” but gradually they were found useful for forces it was extremely hard to argue were associated with Al Qaeda. It was useful, Obama found, to employ drone strikes against the tribal enemies of various governments the U.S. was supporting. It was useful to target not just high-ranking members of various organizations but low-level members; useful to evolve the whole thing from an assassination program to a holistic counterinsurgency machine. In parts of Pakistan, locals had stopped drinking Lipton tea, out of fear that the tea bags were homing devices used by the CIA to attract drones.

Read Giles Coren’s letter to Times subs

If you’ve been in power for a long time and are now in your 70s & 80s? It is simply time to go. That’s not ageism. That’s an IMPLICIT part of the system. We’ve never before remotely had a President & core group this out of touch, this old, and this technically over their heads.

Rules for thee and not for me” is more than a catch phrase; it is an actual worldview with a history in political control. They are not hypocrites, they are living out their creed.

The extent of their involvement raises questions as to whether there would have even been a conspiracy without them.

Three New Estimates of India’s All-
Cause Excess Mortality during the
COVID-19 Pandemic

Is California’s electric car revolution bad for the planet?

The HQ is in the cloud – Bret Taylor

The lobbyist JEFF RICCHETTI is the brother top BIDEN advisor STEVE RICCHETTI. In the 1st half of 2020 (under TRUMP), Jeff Ricchetti’s firm collected $370k in lobbying fees. In the 1st half of 2021 (under BIDEN), Ricchetti’s firm collected $1.67M in fees.

Has the church caused all this trouble in the world?

SpaceX’s Starlink Review – Four months in

In meat animals, antibiotics often lead to weight gain, sometimes as high as 40% weight gain compared to control, and there’s reason to suspect that this might be linked to the microbiome. Gut microbiota influence energy intakeand body weight in mammals, and even short courses of antibiotics can reduce gut microbiota and increase BMIin humans (though the BMI effect was only seen in some antibiotics).

“and now everyone wants that same level of consumer trust”

A recent survey by YouGov suggested that one in 10 previous users of the app had deleted it, while one in five who still had the app installed had turned off its contact-tracing capabilities.

Retweets don’t get you into power.

Trump’s obsession/focus on a vaccine is nuts. It is totally immaterial to the short-term challenges, which are substantial.

Startup Claims Breakthrough in Long-Duration Batteries

“Bernie Sanders Tells Cuban Protesters To Be More Grateful For Their Excellent Social Programs”

AWS’s hotel California Pricing.

The Incoming Currency War

Researchers are pulling movements out of microfilm with digital history

‘This… research on viruses may not intend to produce “gain-of-function”, although that could be the end result of it.’

These recorded conversations, then, were made available to the participants in four virtual workshops held this spring. Workshop participants represented the diversity of experiences and opinions about election administration and election science: academics (both experts in election science and those new to the area), election officials, technology providers, government officials, and stakeholders. [citizens?]

Why current American politics is less screwed up than you think