Still Life: German Car Vibe

That SUV’s dominate our current auto era is an understatement.

Yet, every time I see a BMW i3, I ponder what might have been. I drove an early example in 2014 [1] and largely enjoyed a more recent road trip with a “conventional” ICE (internal combusion engine) BMW convertible [2].

My i3 experience included an unexpected lunch with a product manager.

It’s interesting to consider the conception, birth and death of the i3/i8 today, a time when many automakers are madly chasing EV’s (electric vehicles), including nearly unlimited girth, such as Ford’s recently announced electric F-150.

Eight years hence – in 2028, God willing, how will the i3 reflect that day’s market expectations?

Were I to hazard a guess, I suspect that it will be more familiar. Perhaps a recent Fiat 600 multipla [3] sighting foreshadows new thinking.

Docendo discimus.

[1] The i3 Long Bet

[2] Stuttgart/Munich: Gazing west to Cupertino

[3] Fiat 600 Multipla

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