Epic Systems Clearing Storm Landscape Images

Judy Faulkner’s Epic Systems has grown explosively over the past decade. I thought it time to capture a few landscape images of Epic’s sprawling Verona, WI campus from nearby public roads (tap or click on the images above to view larger versions).

While certainly a fan of Epic’s growth, I am very disappointed that the most recent impetus has been driven by a significant federal “stimulus” tax credit:

Eligible professionals can receive up to $44,000 through the Medicare EHR Incentive Program and up to $63,750 through the Medicaid EHR (electronic health record) Incentive Program.

. This means that we get to pay twice, once via our ever increasing health insurance fees and second, via taxes. I am unaware of any other industry that has a substantial per person automation tax incentive.

Fiscal indulgences, indeed.

Epic’s growth has begun to attract attention, particularly around system interoperability and Faulkner’s presence as the only industry representative on a federal panel overseeing the $19 billion EHR stimulus incentive.

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