Over the last 12 months, the US Treasury issued a cumulative $21 TRILLION of T-Bills, the most in history.

Even after wrestling with nature, winemakers face spiralling labour costs as the twin forces of urbanisation and the ageing population drain the Chinese countryside of its agricultural labour. Then there is the stubbornly elusive question of who will buy the wine. Despite improving in quality over the past decade and winning acclaim in international competitions, Chinese wine still struggles to compete overseas with new-world alternatives on price and old-world ones on reputation. Meanwhile, domestic drinkers with a penchant for regular consumption remain in the minority.

So the Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos) put out a hit piece on those discussing the mental health side effects of hormonal birth control + bragged about getting videos on the topic removed from TikTok. In the same week, Amazon started selling the first ever OTC birth control

This tool lets you visualise British place names that match certain search terms on a map.

The incorporation of RCS support is anticipated to bring several enhancements to communications between iPhones and Android smartphones, including:

The results of this year’s survey show significant obstacles remain for independent reporting in China, especially in the form of heightened intimidation and surveillance, both in-person and through more sophisticated digital means. Reporting trips during which foreign journalists do not experience problems are the exception.

This is the story of Lore Harp McGovern, founder of Vector Graphic. With her friend Carole Ely, she launched a multi-million-dollar computer company from her suburban home and became one of the most important founders of the microcomputer age. It is based on contemporary accounts in publications such as the Harvard Business Review, Interface Age, Kilobaud, Time, and the Los Angeles Times, as well as books such as Women, Technology and Power by Marguerite Zientara; Future Rich by Jacqueline Thompson; and The Untold Story of the Computer Revolution by G.H. Stine. It is also based on the words of Lore Harp McGovern herself.

The Army can currently buy commercial drones off of the Blue UAS list, a list of drones vetted for government use. Such drones, however, can be eight to 14 times more expensive than those sold by Chinese companies, the Financial Times reported in 2021.

Interesting progress trend in American wrestling: all of a sudden there are a handful of high school wrestlers dominating fully-grown former NCAA champs and truly competing at World Team Trials

The United States shouldn’t manage the competition with China; it should win it. Beijing is pursuing a raft of global initiatives designed to disintegrate the West and usher in an antidemocratic order. It is underwriting expansionist dictatorships in Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela. It has more than doubled its nuclear arsenal since 2020 and is building up its conventional forces faster than any country has since World War II. These actions show that China isn’t aiming for a stalemate. Neither should America.

We need to talk about the fact that Elizabeth Warren isn’t actually very smart. I’m a great believer in the “show, don’t tell” school of political commentary, and I try to discipline myself against the cheap temptation to insult political opponents instead of taking on their arguments. Liberals and progressives have a particular addiction to insisting that all of their opponents are dumb. But sometimes, you have to draw the conclusions out loud. This week’s flap over Warren’s comments on Israel and Gaza is the latest proof of something that’s been clear for quite some time: Warren isn’t a smart person …

in january 2023, i had a simple ultrasound done at SimonMed. they sent me 4 bills totaling $5137 for it. after a year of emails and phone calls, they finally admitted today that i only owed $140.53 and are mailing me a refund check!

Tractor Supply’s CEO on How It Escaped the Post-Pandemic Curse

Our favorite pictures from the North American eclipse

Help’ written in palm fronds assists US forces in rescuing Micronesians stranded on tiny island.

The Lever Announces New Hires In Big Expansion
What started as a two-person newsletter has grown into a powerhouse newsroom.

I’m sad—and frankly baffled—to report that the House voted today to reward the government’s widespread abuses of Section 702 by massively expanding the government’s powers to conduct warrantless surveillance.

“They call you while you’re sitting next to your dying loved one and they ask you if they can have his organs,” said his wife. “Meanwhile, he wasn’t good enough to receive organs from them… I can’t describe the feeling … It makes me sick to my stomach.’’

Tiambra’s current bail is one hundred times higher than the $3,000 price for her freedom set after a hit and run 11 months before the Schroeder Road fatalities. The earlier one (on 03-02-2022) injured four people in a Whole Foods parking lot. Best we can figure, the guy who bailed her out so cheaply, one Liam Manjon, is now in Chicago. He should remain there. His organization, Free the 350, celebrated by the progressive media hereabouts for striking a blow against supposedly racist slave-catching police, appears to be quiescent. We wrote about it here:

But during her first week she walked into a conference room at headquarters with brown paper covering the windows and door to ensure privacy, and she started piecing things together. The mysterious conference room was filled with boxes of Trader Joe’s snack foods piled high on shelves, which Amazon had bought up to study for its own brand. This alarmed the employee, who was eventually told she was hired to help create the product assortment for Wickedly Prime. 

We examine the relation between earnings information content and the use of trust words, such as “character,” “ethics,” and “honest,” in the MD&A section of 10-K. We find that earnings announcements of firms using trust words have lower information content than earnings announcements of firms that do not use trust words. We also find that the value relevance of earnings is lower for firms using trust words than those not using trust words. Further, firms using trust words are more likely to receive a comment letter from the SEC, pay higher audit fees, and have lower corporate social responsibility scores. Overall, our results suggest that firms that use trust words in the 10-K are associated with negative outcomes, and trust words are an inverse measure of trust.

But the Highlands neighborhood is the only part of Madison still zoned TR-R — and under the city’s current rules, nothing else can be zoned that way again. To save its rare status,more than 70% of property owners in theHighlands have put covenants in place to “protect the historic character of their neighborhood,” said attorney Dan O’Callaghan, who’s representing the group.

He set out to live quietly — and then pass away just the same.

Crawl and convert any website into clean markdown.

There’s a whole paid industry dedicated to restructuring what doctors and nurses do to reduce costs and increase output.

The Microsoft-Dilemma – Europe as a Software Colony

Until recently, information from rescue excavations was sequestered in a vast gray literature of reports published in Greek by the state archeological service. But, in 2014, a group of Greek archeologists and a cartographer launched an organization called the Dipylon Society, which aims to share these discoveries more widely. Dipylon has undertaken a series of fascinating, high-tech projects, including digital maps, searchable databases, and free mobile apps with guided walking tours. Its first app, Walk the Wall Athens, appeared in 2018. It leads users through a twisting six-kilometre course, past thirty-five locations where parts of the ancient city’s walls survive. The route snakes through the basements of hotels and apartment buildings, beneath shops and through parking garages, connecting points where the twenty-five-hundred-year-old monumental walls are still accessible. At these hidden spots, the app allows you to see historical photos, read key findings from the rescue excavations, and hear an audio narration in Greek or English.

Organized labor paid the price for embracing illegal migrants