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November 7, 2006 Fall Election: [RESULTS]
Madison Schools Referendum | Attorney General | Governor | US Congress | US Senate

Polling Locations: Fitchburg Madison Maple Bluff Shorewood Town of Madison VOTE!

Madison Schools Referendum; One question (yes or no) with three parts:

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Dane County: Sheriff:
Mike HansonDave Mahoney
Dane County: Register of Deeds:
Kristi ChlebowskiPeter Ellestad

Lt. Governor:
Jean HundertmarkBarbara LawtonLeon Todd
First Candidate Debate: Taxes & Spending [Real Player]

Jim DoyleNelson EismanMark Green

US Congress:
Tammy BaldwinDave Magnum

US Senate:
Ben GlatzelHerb KohlRobert Gerald LorgeRae Vogeler

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Last Updated 11/06/2006

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