My drive from downtown Los Angeles to LAX via the 110 to the 105, with perhaps a few notes on cars and culture.
Palm trees, skyscrapers & concrete highways as far as the eye can see.
Urban art was a rather pleasant diversion from the non-stop grey.
This Subaru Impreza (22/28MPG) had many, many bumper stickers, including one that tied reduced oil consumption to children's health (not a great photo).
New HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes are above the traffic, as it were. Some green nearby, but still lots of grey
Another view of the HOV lanes, this time adjacent to the traffic.
I visit LA perhaps once/year. The growth of their regional train system has been remakarble. Driving to my hotel the other night, traffic slowed several times while the trains zipped by (with passengers!). [Map] Compare the Metro map with LA's major roads [Map]
A better view of another Metro Station.
The 110 to the 105 (westbound to LA Airport) interchange. Toyota Sequoia SUV just ahead. Toyota's image is always interesting. They sell the hybrid Prius, but also sell lots of large gas guzzling SUV's like the Land Cruiser (13/18MPG), the aforementioned Sequoia [15/18MPG) and the 4Runner (17/21 MPG).

Christopher Diken points out that the Prius (does not generally hit it's published fuel efficiency numbers - bait & switch?).

The EPA has a helpful site that discusses and compares fuel economy ratings.
This 2005 BMW M3 (16/24 MPG) took off as we entered westbound I-105. I don't believe the driver noticed the unmarked brown Ford "Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (18/25MPG)" - that's a mouthful - just to my left. The M3 darted in and out of lanes (four or five to choose from) and on open stretches surely passed 90mph. The Police Interceptor, due to traffic, was unable to get a clean read on the M3.
Fun (Porsche Turbo (15/22MPG)), Commerce (FedEx truck) & travel (the 105 & LAX); this is LA.
LAX, from the 105/Sepulveda interchange.
Approaching LAX
LAX Entrance, from Sepulveda Blvd
[Map | Satellite View].