>Great idea! If only more parents were so involved in their children's
>overall education.
>No need to interview me. I tried to withdraw my nomination prior to the
>Jan. 6 deadline, only to find that is impossible once all the paperwork
>has been filed. Thus, my name is on the ballot, but I am not actually running.
>Initially, I got into the race for two reasons. First, I do not think
>anyone should be running unopposed when education funding and politics
>are in such controversy. Secondly, although I think it is important for
>school board members to give the teachers' union an important voice in
>the process, the board also must also listen to and seriously consider
>the concerns of all its constituencies.
>Johnny and Melania are both viable and capable candidates for Seat 4. The
>challenge for both would be finding a way to maintain an independent
>stance without being marginalized, or even demonized (as in the case of
>Ruth Robarts).
>Best wishes,
>Gregg Mulry