Tom Brew announces his candidacy for Seat 4 of the Madison Metropolitan School District Board of Education. Seat 4 is currently held by Johnny Winston, Jr.

Brew will challenge the chaotic budgeting and expenditure processes because “the current state of financial affairs of the District is in disarray thereby causing a negative impact on curriculum, instruction, student achievement, and business operations.” Brew further stated that “it is unacceptable to continue to ask for and spend more money, while at the same time student achievement continues to decline as evidenced by the state’s standardized test results. The current leadership of the Board is not getting the job done. We have to evaluate and analyze the performance of programs, services and staff in order to prioritize and enhance what works and change what doesn’t work to attain higher expectations and measurable results.”

Brew is a graduate of Madison Central High School and all three children are graduates of the Madison school system. He has served as an elected Dane County Board Supervisor. Brew has also served on the Boards of Directors of the Urban League of Madison and the YMCA of South Central Wisconsin.


Tom Brew

5905 Mayhill Drive