July 24, 2005

Racine's Artist Colony

Robert Sharoff:
IF Racine, Wis., is not yet the Hamptons of the Midwest, it's not for lack of effort.

This formerly gritty industrial city roughly 70 miles north of Chicago and 30 miles south of Milwaukee on the shores of Lake Michigan has been trying for much of the last decade to reinvent itself as an artist's colony and tourist destination.

The efforts have included the opening of the $11 million Racine Art Museum on Main Street in 2003 and the creation of a gallery district centering on nearby Sixth Street, currently home to about a dozen galleries.
Racine Map. Madison based Gorman & Company, developer of the Mitchell Wagon Factory Lofts is mentioned in Sharoff's article.

Racine is considering county-wide WiFi. Perhaps they'll have it in place before we Madisonians do? Posted by James Zellmer at July 24, 2005 11:12 AM | Subscribe to this site via RSS:
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